TIP TIG Weld Benefits in Contrast to TIG and Pulsed MIG

  • Highest Possible Weld Quality

TIP TIG is an easy to use arc weld process which is the only arc weld process capable of manual and automated welds that should not require weld rework.

  • Greatest Weld Fusion Capability

All industries benefit from a weld process such as TIP TIG that provides the high weld energy necessary to eliminate alloy sluggish and any weld fusion concerns.

  • Lowest Possible Weld Porosity

As TIP TIG provides the highest weld energy in an inert atmosphere, it provides the lowest weld porosity and oxidation for the cleanest possible welds.

  • One Process for all Code Welds

All industries benefit when  for any all position, code quality welds they only have to use one weld process such as TIP TIG. One Process, one gas, one weld wire, one procedure, and two simple weld settings that will apply to all welds and metals.

Food & Beverage
Power Generation
Offshore & Petrochemical
Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
Ship Building & Navy
Investment Castings
  • Highest Possible Mechanical and Corrosion Properties

With EN polarity and increased weld speeds, TIP TIG delivers the lowest welded part heat, the highest possible mechanical and corrosion properties, the lowest potential for weld / part cracks, and the lowest weld stresses and distortion.

  • Lowest Possible Weld Fumes - Lowest Spatter - No Weld Cleaning - No Grinding

TIP TIG, no spatter, no weld cleaning, no grinding, no inter-pass temp concerns, and always the least possible arc weld fumes.

TIP TIG and a few of the Unique Weld Attributes

  • Always Superior Weld Fusion

TIP TIG enables the highest arc weld energy, enabling superior weld fusion over any other weld process.

  • Always Lowest Weld Oxidation

TIP TIG enables the lowest oxidation buildup and lowest weld porosity. No more grinding. No more Wire Brushing, just the cleanest possible weld. If you want evidence look at all the untouched welds on the videos and photos.

  • Quick and Easy to Learn for All Metals and Weld Positions

TIP TIG with root or any all position  weld passes requires fewer welder skills than either the  TIG, MIG & the Flux Cored process.

  • Lowest Welded Part Heat

With EN polarity and increased weld speeds TIP TIG now enables the lowest possible welded part heat, providing  the smallest possible weld HAZ, the lowest possible stresses, the lowest possible distortion & crack sensitivity. 

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  • One Weld Process for all Code Welds

There is no longer a need to use TIG or Stick for the root and another more cost effective process for fill passes. With TIP TIG, you have one easy to set  power source,  you will require no more than two weld settings that can be applied to all welds. One weld wire. One gas. One weld procedure and weld any metal, any thickness, any position. No weld rework and  practical and cost effective on any metal, size, or application.

  • Lowest Possible Weld Fumes

As TIP TIG welds  are made in an inert plasma, and use EN polarity with increased weld speeds, this enables on any clean parts the lowest possible weld fumes. In most cases, fans and exhaust equipment may not be required even when welding chrome Hex Chrome alloys such as stainless, inconel.

TIP TIG Welding Alloys, Steels & Aluminum

The weld industry has never had an easy to use semi-automated and automated arc weld process, that's capable of producing the three attributes that enable defect free welds.

  • 1.TIP TIG provides the highest weld energy.
  • 2. TIP TIG welds enable the lowest possible welded part heat.
  • 3. TIP TIG welds are produced in an inert atmosphere.
  • Some of the reasons TIP TIG eliminates weld rework

TIP TIG always enables the best possible weld fusion. Or with clad welds, the least possible weld dilution. TIP TIG welds will have the lowest weld porosity and  TIP TIG welded parts will have the lowest welded heat input,  providing metallurgical results not attained with any other weld process.

  • TIP TIG enables reductions in groove dimensions, and reductions or elimination of preheat, inter-pass and post-heat.

These requirements will reduce the amount of weld required and greatly reduce the weld labor and consumable costs, and  concerns for the influence of weld heat on the  metals welded.

  • Lowest possible weld oxidation enables lowest weld porosity

Highest weld energy in an inert atmosphere enables the lowest oxidation leading to the lowest weld impurities, and the cleanest welds.

  • One Process for all manual and automated welds. Always superior weld results with any manual or automated application on any metal

The easy to use TIP TIG process that with welds in any position from gauge to any thickness will  typically requires a couple of common weld setting

My TIP TIG - Manual & Robot MIG - Flux Cored Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice Self Teaching and Training Resources

Everything at this site can be proven in less than an hour. Thanks to the general, global lack of Weld Process Controls and Best Weld Practices, it’s not uncommon to find manual and robot MIG or flux cored weld personnel “playing around” with weld controls and also  using incorrect manual or robot weld practices.

In many companies, you will find a front office lack of understanding of  both weld quality production potential capability with their manual or  robot welds. Also you will find few managers that can tell you the cost of a simple 1/4 MIG fillet weld, Another indication of  the lack of  front office weld process control expertise is, ask two of the most experienced weld persons in the shop what the wire feed,  amps, and volts spray transfer start point is with an 0.35  (1mm) steel wire and 80/20Co2 gas.

This industry has had 65 plus years of relying on sales reps who have never managed a welding shop for weld advice. And what weld shop hasn’t tried numerous MIG gas mixes over the last decade hoping for a crutch solution for their frequent inconsistent  and  poor MIG results.  Lets face it, weld  managers, engineers  and supervisors cant be happy watching their MIG and Flux Cored welders or robot technicians playing around with the two simple MIG weld controls. 

If  a weld shop wants progressive change, and  to step into the 21 st Century,  they will want their employees to have the weld  process controls and  best weld practice expertise that will  enable all to fully comprehend the MIG – Flux Cored and also  TIP TIP process requirements necessary to consistently attain the best possible weld and quality and productivity,   I would recommend that  you take a moment with my unique Manual and Robot Weld Process Controls & Best Weld Practice, Self-Teaching – Training Resources.