So, How Long Does It Take To Train Someone To Use The Tip Tig Process?


If the pipe welder using TIP TIG is used to DC TIG welding, all position, open root pipe welds, it would takes one to two days to learn the required TIP TIG best practices and settings as provided in my  TIP TIG program.  However something that should bring joy to  those managers who have unnecessarily been keep complaining over the last decade how difficult it is to “find skilled TIG welders”. It would take someone again using my TIP TIG training program about eight to ten days  to train a person Who Has Never Welded to become a TIP TIG weld expert, and to be able to pass any code, (including ASME)  all position,  Pipe  Welder Qualification Tests.

I am well aware that at most of the Fortune 500, high tech. Defense, Aerospace, Power, Oil and Medical  corporations,  that you will usually find minimum understanding in the engineering office on the weld quality – cost benefits attained  with weld process controls  and on best weld practice expertise. This lack of process control awareness is mostly responsible for the general global lack of front office weld process ownership and the daily weld quality, rework, rejects  and unacceptable weld production costs. 

Tip Tig pipe root. Walk the TIP TIG nozzle on the groove sides and let the process do the rest.

Most pipe welders would consider a fixed pipe open root, as the most difficult part of the pipe weld. So with TIP TIG,  you would show the person who wants to do what any TIG welders would do on a pipe root and that is walk and weave the ceramic Cup across the pipe groove surface. But in contrast to regular TIG. No feeding a weld wire and no foot control  required.  With TIP TIG, reduced weld starts /stops and the welder will  provide a manual pipe root weld continuity never before attained.

By the way any manager  or engineer that believes in the importance of engineering evolution, should take a look at the dates of the weld procedures and specifications that they daily use, and wonder why as we get close to 2020 that their company is still likely using Weld Procedures &  Specifications  that were generated in the 20th century. 

Just about every weld training department and community college weld program that i evaluated in the last few decades was stuck in a 1970s time warp. If companies want dramatic weld quality improvements and cost reductions, they should at least wonder why the existing welder training programs result in welders or weld decision makers “playing with weld controls” and why few welders or front office weld decision makers lack the ability to maximize MIG and Flux Cored weld quality and productivity from weld processes that have changed little since the 1960s.

Note: My easy to learn TIP TIG – Manual and Robot MIG and  Flux Cored,  Self Teaching / Process Controls – Best Weld Practice Training  programs require approx. 15 hours. These are a great tools to  train yourself or those employees that for decades think its normal to  “play around” with their weld controls.  Please be aware that its no good purchasing  a new process such as  TIP TIG  and  then have  weld personnel that are not aware of how to get the best possible weld results on the numerous weld applications that TIP TIG should be used on.

It does not matter how experienced  weld personnel are, all weld personnel will benefit from training programs that enable process optimization.  To get immediate and dramatic  weld quality – cost benefits from the TIP  process, and to avoid weld personnel playing around with the TIP TIG weld controls,  consider spending  a couple of hundred dollars and get the world’s best TIP TIG  +  ADVANCED TIG  – OR MY MANUAL & ROBOT MIG and  FLUX CORED self teach / training programs.

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